EMIS Specialist

DMC Healthcare has been a trusted provider of services to the NHS for over 50 years.

We have grown rapidly in the past decade from a single Dulwich practice to a team of over 400 employees dedicated to giving patients the very best in care.

Our work:

We deliver Primary Care, Community Services and Radiology Reporting across the UK. 

Thanks to our skilled, compassionate staff, our reputation among clinicians, patients, commissioners and the communities we work in has grown constantly. Still family run, our services are clinically led with our focus always on delivering healthier outcomes for patients. 

If this sounds like a team you would love to be a part of, read on!

We want you!

Our employees are our greatest resource – therefore we seek to support, train and develop you from day one! In return, you will enjoy a challenging but a growing career with DMC. We offer a valuable Healthcare and Wellbeing benefits such as occupational health assessment and eye tests, advice on work related health and safety matters

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E-mail: recruitment@dmchealthcare.co.uk  

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=               Heritage: DMC has been a trusted provider to the NHS for more than 50 years

=               We have always been family run, so this is the way all our staff relate to each other – as family! 

=               DMC offers a highly gratifying professional path. Our dedicated, compassionate staff help  300,000 patients each year!

=               Our work culture is one of collaboration and trust. After all, looking out for one another is what families do!

=               DMC is a growth environment – both as an ever-expanding company, and as a place that nurtures talent and expands the skillsets of its employees

=               Our 400+ employees work in tandem with a singular purpose: delivering healthier outcomes, for patients, for commissioners, and for the NHS


Job Title:              EMIS Specialist 

Job Summary:

To maintain and manage the clinical EMIS systems. Creating a project plan alongside our clinical teams to look at reporting tools and then implement the minimum standards across the business and throughout the practices. Ensuring smooth delivery and user-friendly routines. Highlighting compliance issues and managing them accordingly. Providing a high level of efficiency, performing under pressure and being able to cope with increasing medical needs and demands. Demonstrating how Healthcare technology will underpin the sustainability of the Healthcare sector and help move our business forward to keep up with modern innovations.


1.    Requirements 

a)     Minimum of 3 years + experience within a similar role or transferable skills

b)     Knowledge of the NHS/Healthcare industry.

c)      Attention to detail and a compliant attitude is essential.

d)     You will have previously used EMIS and understand the reporting background and how to interpret and analysis the data it provides.

2.      Responsibilities:

a)     Managing the day-to-day operational aspects of EMIS.

b)     Be responsible for all aspects of EMIS and its use throughout the clinical business.

c)      Providing clear, analysed reporting from EMIS systems.

d)     Ensuring the compliance involved with EMIS is implemented through business systems.

e)     Submitting progress reports to stakeholders and senior managers.

f)       Setting the standards and methodology to be used with EMIS.

g)     Creating a working environment that allows everyone to work to the best of their abilities.

h)     Taking responsibility of EMIS as a senior lead and supporting others with its use.

i)       Regularly review and analyse the EMIS systems to ensure best use and practice for it.

j)       Ensuring that the highest quality standards are company compliance are met.

k)     Build and maintain an in-depth understanding of EMIS through the business by working closely with our head office, operational managers and your peers.

3.      Personal Development and responsibilities:

a)     To take responsibility for own developmental learning and performance.

b)     To participate in the DMC appraisal scheme. 

c)      To attend meetings as required.

d)     Assess own learning needs and undertake learning as required.

e)     To take responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal development.

f)       To alert other team members and line manager to issues of quality and risk.

g)     To assess own performance and take accountability for own actions.

h)     To effectively manage own time, workload and resources.

i)       To perform to the best of your ability.

j)       Inspires and shares a creative vision

k)     Excellent decision maker

l)       Exceptional communicator


 4.      What we offer you 

a)     On-going career development with the chance to move into a management role

b)     Vibrant cultural in our prestigious, high-tech office where we aim to lead in technology.

c)      Full access to employee benefit package upon completion of probationary period.

d)     Freedom to operate creatively, without vertical boundaries.