Call Centre Lead

DMC Healthcare has been a trusted provider of services to the NHS for over 50 years.

We have grown rapidly in the past decade from a single Dulwich practice to a team of over 400 employees dedicated to giving patients the very best in care.

Our work:

We deliver Primary Care services on behalf of the NHS, Community Services and Radiology Reporting across the UK. Thanks to our skilled, compassionate staff, our reputation among clinicians, patients, commissioners and the communities we work in, has grown constantly.

Still family run, our services are clinically led with our focus always on delivering healthier outcomes for patients.

We want you!

We require an enthusiastic person to work within a clinical setting, providing essential services in our community services call centre in Iwade. Ensuring the very best patient experience is delivered by our team of service administrators.  Your role will be hands on and involve management of team KPI’s. 

The ideal candidate will:

=       Have previous experience

=       Minimum of 1 year’s relevant management experience

Evolve and grow!

Our employees are our greatest resource – therefore we seek to support, train and develop you from day one! In return, you will enjoy a challenging but a growing career with DMC. We offer valuable Healthcare and Well-being benefits, such as occupational health assessment and eye tests, advice on work related health and safety matters.

Reasons you should consider a new career with DMC…

1.     Heritage:    DMC has been a trusted provider to the NHS for more than 50 years.

2.    Family:        We have always been family run, so this is the way all our staff relate to each other – as family!

3.    Purpose:     DMC offers a highly gratifying professional path. Our dedicated, compassionate staff help 300,000 patients each year!

4.    Culture:       Our work culture is one of collaboration and trust. After all, looking out for one another is what families do!

5.    Growth:      DMC is a growth environment. We mean this both as an ever-expanding company, and as a place that nurtures talent and expands the skill sets of its employees.

6.    Mission:      Our 400+ employees work in tandem with a singular purpose: delivering healthier outcomes, for patients, for commissioners, and for the NHS.

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Job Summary:

To support the business in the management of the call centre and contractual requirements relating to the operations to ensure smooth daily running of services and to oversee clinical staffing requirements and operational issues. The Call Centre Lead will have main responsibility for management and reporting in relation to the call centre, including managing communication levels with patience and monitoring of confidentiality and data protection from within this service in accordance to CCG and DMC codes of conduct and company policies.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:


1.   Management and Planning


a)    To Set up and implement the scanning unit and use EZ Doc to reduce paper flow to clinicians.

b)   Monitor and mentor call centre staff providing quality and compliance audits and staff training.

c)    Implementation of path filing of normal results – Identify which tests can be done.

d)   Creating and implementing the setup of centralisation of telephone system for primary care services.

e)    Centralising medical reporting tools and action them accordingly.

f)     Centralising auditing reporting tools and action them accordingly.

g)   Centralise the text messaging services to patients with templates – Accurix

h)   Implement and manage internal administration support systems including postal correspondence.

i)     Centralised recalls for flu, Shingles etc to meet min contract requirements.

j)     Run Search and Reports Enterprise

k)   Prepare data reports for senior managers and present findings and action plans.

l)     Increase the current EPS% to show improvements.

m) PPA Centralisation

n)   Increase EMIS On Line Access and ensure its functional use.

o)   Ensure that the site meets key quality indicators and targets.

p)   Keep abreast of targets within the CCG and and maintain communications with Managers.

q)   Maintain and update call centre systems to show pro-active planning and organisation.

r)    Attend requested meetings relevant to the role.

s)    Keep informed of requirements of the Care Quality Commission and adherence to CQC standards.

t)     Highlight and report on any non-conformance within the centre and action in line with management and company procedures.  


7.     Information Management and Technology

a)    Support IT modernisation and implementation.

b)   Keep abreast of the latest development in primary care IT

c)    Have a working knowledge of all software and hardware.

d)   Regularly update the administration team on IT developments.

e)    identify IT training needs and organise and evaluate any training provided/undertaken.

f)     Follow Information Governance policies and procedures.

g)   Ensure that local information governance standards are applied.

h)   Ensure full use by all staff of e-mails, shared information, clinical systems and Microsoft Office.

i)     Deal with IT problems and maintenance as required.

8.    Health and Safety responsibilities

a)    Promote and maintain their own and others’ health, safety and security as defined in Health & Safety Policy. 

b)   Ensure that Health and Safety policies are implemented and followed.

c)    Use personal security systems within the workplace according to guidelines.

d)   Identify risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks.

e)    Make effective use of training to update knowledge and skills.

f)     Maintain work areas in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards.

g)   Report potential risks identified.


9.    Personal Development and responsibilities

a)    Take accountability for own actions, either directly or under supervision.

b)   Effectively manage own time, workload and resources.

c)    Participate in any training programme implemented, as part of this employment.

d)   Participation in annual performance review, taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal development.